Friday, November 28, 2008

Windows Vista

I remember the times when i used to download the themes and use fonts resembling the Vista fonts and icons on my old Windows XP machine. I remember the times when i visited technical blogs looking for the images and screenshot of the then dream project Longhorn, I remember the times when i wanted to get a video card just in order to play the latest of the games!

Came a time when i finally purchased a new laptop... guess what... with a video card and a Windows Vista.

But my dreams of purchasing a video card dint fetch me anything except for frustration. No pirated game works for windows Vista. Damn this software industry. A lot of software is throwing errors and problems. This so called Ubuntu isn’t running on my machine, the trouble being with the nVidia card which I actually paid for(An irony).

Now I’m tempted to use Windows XP to bring me some comfort but the machines are getting blocked for no reason, can download and install Mac OS which won’t allow me to run even the simplest of games. And the company is planning to lay off people, forget about a salary hike so that I can purchase games…..

I guess this is what they call adjustment in lives when you need to think about the interests which you can’t pursue. Guess the person inside me who was destined to save mars in doom 3 is quitting. The most wanted BMW racer of the town is saying good bye before he could participate in his first race, the soldier who was supposed to defeat the Germans at the Omaha beach has died before his birth.

God damn this Windows Vista!!!!


  1. dude....don't get a beautiful have a lapi but thr are lots of people who had never seen computer....all there dreams are shattered even before thye realize wht that dream means....think from this perspective... you will have lots of beautiful moments in your life....

  2. Yeah i assume they dont crib because they never paid for Vista or the lappy at the first place.... :((

    But this is one good remark, i can put this as an end note to all my presentations and project reports... :P