Monday, June 15, 2009

The Yellow Umbrella

The Violet skies and the heavy Thunderstorm, the pouring rain and the strong winds. Mum has asked her not to go out but the excitement in Fedro's" eyes are calling for an adventure. Fedro is wagging his tail and calling her again and again.

"Mum, Fedro wants to go on a walk... ill just take him to the end of the road and will bring him back!!!"

"No baby!! Its raining heavily, you don't want to get fever... do you!!"

Mum goes to the kitchen but fails to see the excitement in her eyes...

"Fedro!! Mum has gone inside, don't make any noise... lets go for a walk"

The door of the bungalow opens and the two set of eyes shine on the dark and windy street. A yellow umbrella in one hand, and the puppy on the other side, she walks out of the mighty walls of the bungalow. The roads are all filled with water and the occasional cars splash the water on them. You can see the smile on their faces. The pup tries to run in the water every now and then and is all muddy. Thank god that the girl has this transparent plastic raincoat on her and she jumps on to the street too.

they walk towards the garden where the boys usually play cricket but today all though its 5:30, no one is there, except for the violet skies and the thunderstorms and the heavy rain. All you can hear is the static of the rain, and all you can see is the hazy skies. She tries to lift her gaze to the sky to see the falling rain drops but is unable to keep her eyes open (Try to do it once in the shower if you can) and is so happy to see the beauty and the lush green leaves of the garden. There is hardly any mud on the leaves today and everything seems to be dancing with joy along with her. The pup runs in the fields and she runs to hold her. And they both fall on the grass and start rolling over each other....

The yellow umbrella is floating in a small pond in the garden itself... and is enjoying the rain. Amongst the red flowers and green grass, under the violet skies and blue water, it lay there dancing along with its two friends.. girl and the pup.

"hmm .. its almost half an hour, mum must have finished her cooking, we should go back Fedro"

"Fedro... listen to me... lets go back... "

but the cutie is in no mood to go.... so she runs after him and catch hold of him. A little sad but he realizes that he is too small to retaliate...

"Lets get you clean.. you are all full of mud"

And she dips him into the pond.. poor thing!! She picks up the umbrella and walks towards the home, where the mum is waiting with a plate of hot pakodis, and a cup of tea... and may be a camera to click them both ...

Wish you all a very happy rainy season!!!! Enjoy it to the fullest :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

lovely moon

full moon view from my room window..... looking nice na!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Windows Vista

I remember the times when i used to download the themes and use fonts resembling the Vista fonts and icons on my old Windows XP machine. I remember the times when i visited technical blogs looking for the images and screenshot of the then dream project Longhorn, I remember the times when i wanted to get a video card just in order to play the latest of the games!

Came a time when i finally purchased a new laptop... guess what... with a video card and a Windows Vista.

But my dreams of purchasing a video card dint fetch me anything except for frustration. No pirated game works for windows Vista. Damn this software industry. A lot of software is throwing errors and problems. This so called Ubuntu isn’t running on my machine, the trouble being with the nVidia card which I actually paid for(An irony).

Now I’m tempted to use Windows XP to bring me some comfort but the machines are getting blocked for no reason, can download and install Mac OS which won’t allow me to run even the simplest of games. And the company is planning to lay off people, forget about a salary hike so that I can purchase games…..

I guess this is what they call adjustment in lives when you need to think about the interests which you can’t pursue. Guess the person inside me who was destined to save mars in doom 3 is quitting. The most wanted BMW racer of the town is saying good bye before he could participate in his first race, the soldier who was supposed to defeat the Germans at the Omaha beach has died before his birth.

God damn this Windows Vista!!!!