Monday, September 8, 2008

A journey called love.....

what remains is me
and my loneliness.
once i traveled through
a journey called love.

Inspired by a simple poem by Satyakam.....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dream Shattered

Continued from.....
Dream Date

Writing as Abhay....

I was awake now but still thinking about the dream I just had. After 15 minutes New Delhi railway station arrived and slowly we all got down. I saw my first surprise of my vacation ... My parents were waiting for me at station...and they had a pretty good surprise in store for me....
“We have your cousin brother’s first birthday tomorrow. So we will go together day after tomorrow.” My mom said as we started to move out
A 1000 watt shock just passed through my body. I Thought in myself “Day After tomorrow....but I have to meet Geeta tomorrow. I can’t stay” Lots of things are running inside my mind....i have to somehow inform Geeta about this but There was no way to inform her ....she doesn’t own a mobile phone and her home number was not working from past 2 days(why can’t phone work properly when needed.....)
Anyways i started with my parents towards our relative’s home. We reached there and then started a long discussion on Hostel life and studies which went through till 2:00AM.
Next day I wake up at 8:00 AM. All people were busy at that time preparing about evening party but my mind was thinking something else. I got ready in no time and i told everyone that i have some work so i will finish that and will be back in 1 hour or so. I knew it’s just about her normal routine time to come on Yahoo messenger that’s the only option i have. We have to talk to today. I searched for a cyber cafe was most desperate search of my life...finally i found one and i logged into my yahoo account....and i found my bad luck working at its best...she was not there... i opened my mail box mail from her....i started writing a mail to i was about to press send button i saw in bottom right corner of my screen her name popped up....yyyyyeeeeeeeeee....she came online.....i ping her very same moment...
“hi...”,i pinged her
“hi... how r u?”,she replied
“i m fine...what about you.”
“ reached home?”
“nope delhi only, have some function here today ..tomorrow only we will come there.”
“but we decide to meet today....what about that?”
“we can meet tomorrow also na....its not a problem”
“but i am going to massourie tomorrow morning”
“why....and for how many days.”
“my cousin sisters marriage is this month only.....will be back only after 21 days.”
Why we have cousin brothers and sisters...i was second 1000 watt shock in 2 consecutive days.....
“but i have to go back after 20 means we can not meet in this break?? ”,i asked.
“i think we can meet next time when you will come.”
“but i want to talk to you about....”
“about hostel are the only one i share all the things......and about us..... about lots of things....”
“wht.....about us??????? .....what about us...”
“nothing special....”
“no tell me na”
“will tell you later.....when we will meet...”
“sure....don’t forget”
“ya ya...sure....”
“ok now i have to go.....”,she said
I said,”ok.....give me contact no of where you are going”
“i will mail you later.....or i will call you later from massourie”
“bbye...take care”, she said and she went offline....

I was sitting there ...not able to think about what happened in last few minutes....and what will happen.....with this thoughts going in my mind was didn’t replied to any of the mails....nd left cafe.....