Sunday, October 5, 2008

When Abhay met Geeta

I Reached home next day ... waiting for her call....Then one day my mom woke be up very early in the morning(around 8AM ,my usual time being 10-11 so it was too early for me) and said there is someone on phone for me....i took the phone half slept and asked who is this was Geeta...i was already very angry on her for not calling for so long and now in half sleep ...i don’t know why but i shouted on her for calling so early in morning and then somehow i realized that this...and we talked normally for some time.....

After some time she hung up saying that she will call in evening....and she called back in evening this time we talked a bit longer...i can sense that she is upset over what happened earlier that day....
i asked her ,”are you angry with me.i am sorry for what happened today morning”
She said,” no i am fine....just tired a bit”
I asked,”when are you coming back?”
She replied, “Don’t know, may be after 2 weeks.”
“Your vacation will be over this week only na”, she asked.
I said,”yes, and we will not be meeting for next 6 months also”

After some more casual talk we disconnected...i was thinking what to do.... i wanted to meet her...see her....

Then finally i decided no matter what i will meet her this time only.....

Next day i told my parents that i am going to Noida tomorrow to meet some school time friends.... they said ok but be back by evening....don’t get late...i said ok ....

I waited for next day and early morning 6 O’clock i left for Noida(actually to massourie) i took the bus which took 5 hrs to reach there so by 12 in day ....

I called her from there(i took her number when she called last time).... and told her that i am in massourie ...initially she didn’t believed but later we decided to meet on a small coffee cafe there...
She came as soon as she can...

I said,” you look gorgeous today”.
“thankx, but all of a sudden you here and how can you talk to me like that”
“Yes, i told you na i wanted to meet you and like what ?”
“like you talked to me on phone that day”
“I am really sorry for that...but i was half slept... didn’t know to whom i was talking.”
“never ever dare try to talk to me like that again.”
“ok, it will never happen again in future...happy.....”
“but you should have told me earlier that you are coming. you know i have to tell my parents that my school friend has come here for vacation”
“so what..i told the same thing...that i am going to meet my school friends.”
“ok now tell me what do you want to say.”
“what say...just wanted to meet you.”
“for this you came all the way to here...just to meet.”
“i don’t know ...i know only one thing that i want to be with you.”
“ what are ur plans for today.”
“u tell...i don’t know anyhting about his place. And i didn’t made any plan i just came to be with you”
“ok ...lets go for a movie.”
Well it was unexpected for me....but deep in my heart i also wanted the same thing....
“which one?”
“lets go for Deewangee, i wanted to see that”, she said
“ok lets go”

We reached cinema hall...i took 2 seems ticket counter guy was well experienced ...he gave second last row corner seats....we sat there...and movie started....

There was some scenes in which she was a bit scary ...and held my hand tightly...and those was best scene of movie for me...
I asked,” we should have gone for a horror movie.”
“SHUT UP.” , came the reply
We were just talking with each other she was watching movie nd i was watching her ....
I was wishing that time just stops here only....but that didn’t happened...and movie got over after some time....

We came out...
She asked, “did you like the movie?”
"with you any movie will be great.”

She just smiled....

“Can you stay for one more day”,she asked.
“my parents will kill me.”
“can you rejoin your college after one week.”
I asked,”what i will do alone at home.”
“i will come there in that case befire you go to your college.”
“it is not possible... i have to go on time....”
“ok”,she said..half heartily
“i have to go’s already late.”, she said
This reminds me that it’s also late for me.
I said,”ok...i will call you.”

I hugged her and she left....

I took the bus back home....happy and smiling... it felt like lots of things were also said without speaking...